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A Vocational training and job placement agency

​​​By leaping over barriers toward employment, Strategic Training & Employment, Inc. mission is to provide essential knowledge for individuals, tailored to each individual one student at a time. Our students aim to acquire a vast skill set in curricular activities such as Vocational Experiences, Job Readiness Training, Personal Social Adjustment,  and skill specific Certifications necessary in the 21st century. 

Strategic Training & Employment, Inc. (STEI) is a state contracted vocational school that provides comprehensive training and job placement services to a diverse population i.e. VA recipients, GVRA, Post-Secondary Schools, and Individuals with barriers. Maxie Higgins, Owner, is  a retired educator and veteran with over thirty-seven years of experience in many sectors of the underserved society. His passion continues to thrive as STEI staff continues to provide inclusive services to underserved populations throughout the state of Georgia.

Strategic Training and Employment, Incorporated